Episode 4: Area 51

Still speed dating, Angelina is teamed up with “Double D” -- an unsavory, low ranking, organized crime character who is currently riding the crest of a 15-minutes-of fame wave. It quickly becomes obvious that there is more -- or perhaps less -- to Double D than meets the eye. Everything you need to know about him is, “in his book” if you have the stomach to read it, but Angelina is obviously smitten in spite of it all.

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Have You Met Miss Jones?

A mentally unstable 30-something widow ANGELINA JONES, works as a fame-struck, low level Hollywood gossip news reporter. Hell bent on finding a father figure for her gay teenage son JOE, Angelina frequents Miss Lolly's (Dot Jones) Speed Dating Club, where she meets: JACOB, (James Kyson) a devout Atheist; a CHRISTIAN GLAM ROCKER who is a recovering heroin addict; KELLY an amorous deviant who mistake's Angelina to be a chick with d*ck, and DOUBLE D a celebrity transsexual mafia hit-man from the FBI's Witness Protection Program. Angelina's delusional hopes of making a better life for herself and her son gets blindsided by the sudden reappearance of her foul-mouthed, married-to-the-mob mother, CONNIE CAMPOLITARRO (Patty McCormack).