GLRC - Shenmue (Double Length Special)

This episode, Larry has a gander at one of gaming's biggest cult followings, the Shenmue series. Both parts are contained on this episode, the first half has Larry looking at the original Dreamcast title, as well as its never released Saturn version, while part two takes a look at some of Shenmue's mini-games, it's Xbox and Dreamcast sequel and also Shenmue's impact on it's fans and pop culture in general! Looking for the Four Wu Doo has never been so much fun ^_^

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Guru Larry - Obscure British Movies, Games & Basket Weaving

Hello you! "Guru Larry" Bundy Jr, That reasonably un-funny British person off the TV (and one of the first UK gamers on the web), who mocks video games, movies, TV shows, Animation and various other comedy sketches. Sit back with a mug of tea and various other English stereotypical foodstuffs and enjoy his British banal banter!