The Cornoir

About this original series

Let's look at one of the few styles that managed to become its own genre, here at your corner for noir!

Episodes of The Cornoir

    • Review: The Hitch-Hiker

      Let's hit the road with Ida Lupino's first foray into noir from behind the camera! Along the way we'll take a quick look into what defines "film noir." Thumbnail source:

      • Release date
        Jul 15, 2011
      • Runtime
    • Review: Detour

      Let's take a glimpse at another treasure from the public domain and examine the players in one of my favorite love-hate relationships.

      • Release date
        Jun 27, 2011
      • Runtime
    • Review: The Big Combo

      A little introduction, followed by a look at one of the more neglected gems of film noir.

      • Release date
        Jun 16, 2011
      • Runtime