Episode 1 - Flashlight

Home to pie-baking grandmothers, Americana-obsessed tourists and world famous pop sensation, Dylan Hyde, Coronado Island is the setting of a series of seemingly connected, unexplained events. When not traversing the globe on tour, singing to thousands of screaming fans, Dylan loves to spend time sitting around the dining room table talking with his dad, the local Chief of Police, trying to help solve local crimes. Along with his best friends, Cassidy and Allegra, Dylan seeks out unexplained occurrences and uses his uncanny intuition and the investigative techniques he learned from his father to unravel some of Coronado Island's most baffling mysteries.

Richard Allen's Amazed

Amazed is an Original American Mystery/Science fiction online series. The series follows a trio of teenage friends as they find and investigate mysterious clues. The trio is led by popstar Dylan Hyde, the son of the local chief of police, who uses his uncanny intuition and investigative techniques to investigate a series of unexplained but seemingly connected events. The series is produced by Tirano Entertainment and Created by producer/writer Richard Allen.