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Welcome to the videocast where the topics are 90% knitting, spinning and fiber relevant, with 10% other things thrown in for good measure.

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Episodes of 90% Knitting

    • 90% Knitting - Episode 141

      The Christmas gift knits continue, with an impressive rate of progress, if I do say so myself! I have a few more in queue to begin as I finish up the current ones. Indie Knit & Spin was awesome, and I've got a recap and share my new goodies I procured. I've got news about the current KAL as well as one coming up next year, though January will be a just "knit for fun" month, no KAL! Shop update this Saturday, Nov. 22, at noon eastern, will have the first half of the show leftovers. The second h...

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        Nov 19, 2014
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    • 90% Knitting - Episode 140

      It's the holiday knitting extravaganza...five projects, lots of progress! I did the final Head to Toe KAL drawing, as well as a drawing for the winner of the Confederation Park Cross Stitch Top pattern. The Giving KAL and Nine Weeks of Giving are underway, so please join in! I'll be vending at Indie Knit & Spin this Saturday in Pittsburgh, and I shared some of the goodies I'll be bringing. The next shop update - with show leftovers - will be on Sat., 11/22, at noon eastern. Show notes will be ...

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        Nov 12, 2014
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    • 90% Knitting - Episode 139

      It's the episode with all of the gift knitting! And also all of the drawings! Well, most of the drawings...a couple will happen next episode as well. I drew two winners each for the Oct. Head to Toe KAL and the Large Body FO...will do the 4+Large Body next time, giving everyone time to make sure they are on the list if they've completed those five items. A couple of designers are offering coupon codes to our viewers; check show notes for those. The Nov/Dec Giving KAL and Nine Weeks of Giving a...

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        Nov 5, 2014
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    • 90% Knitting - Episode 138

      My Chandail is finished and my Christmas gift knitting is underway! The Head to Toe KAL comes to a close tomorrow, so post your FO pictures! The Nov/Dec Giving KAL, including the 9 weeks of Giving, will begin on Saturday and run through the end of the year. In shop news, Indie Knit & Spin is coming up on Nov. 15 in Pittsburgh. There will be a shop update on Monday, Nov. 3 at 3 p.m. eastern - the last before the show - that will mostly consist of the remainder of my Christmas colorways. Preview...

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        Oct 30, 2014
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    • 90% Knitting - Episode 137

      I was pretty dedicated to my Chandail cardigan...I'm really close to being done...but I did start a new afghan project as well. The Head to Toe KAL is drawing to a close this month, so get your October legs/feet projects finished as well as your full body project if you're doing one! I've also announced the last KAL for the year, which is a multi-part KAL around the theme of giving. See the 90% Knitting board on Ravelry for more info. There will be a shop update this Friday, Oct. 24, at 5 p.m....

      • Release date
        Oct 22, 2014
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    • 90% Knitting - Episode 136

      It's the episode with all the drawings! Membership milestone drawing for reaching 1900 members in the 90% Knitting group! September Head to Toe KAL drawings! Cooperative Press book drawing! FDW 3rd Quarter FO drawing! If you're a winner of any of these drawings, please PM me on Ravelry so I can get your prizes to you! And yes, there is knitting this week too! There will be a shop update on Monday, Oct. 13, at 10 a.m. Preview during the shop news section at the end of the episode. Show notes wi...

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        Oct 8, 2014
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    • 90% Knitting - Episode 135

      Progress this week on the Chandail cardigan, the Elm Leaves wristers and a little wee bit on the Velma Vanilla Bean socks. You've got just under a week to finish your September Head to Toe KAL projects and post your FO pictures! I'll do the September drawing next podcast. I review the Cooperative Press book, A Knitter's Gallery to Mitered Squares. If you're like to win a copy of this ebook, please enter the drawing on the 90% Knitting board on Ravelry. You'll also find show notes there in the ...

      • Release date
        Sep 24, 2014
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    • 90% Knitting - Episode 134

      Happy September! I'm back from my trip to NC and have a fair bit of knitting to share! I did the drawing for the August H2T KAL winners, and also -- it's football season again, so come join in and talk about it over on the 90% Knitting board on Ravelry. Hey - good news! We're officially back on iTunes! There will be a shop update this Friday, Sept. 12, at 3 p.m. eastern.

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        Sep 10, 2014
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    • 90% Knitting - Episode 133

      I've got some big project knitting going on this week, saving my smaller projects for my NC road trip next week. August's Head to Toe KAL - neck/upper back - is almost over! Be sure to post your FO pics in the no chatter thread on the 90% Knitting board on Rav. Sept. is hands/arms, and a new thread will open for that on Monday. The shop will remain open while I'm out of town, but items ordered between 9/1 - 9/5 will not ship until after I return. Show notes will be in the episode thread on Rav.

      • Release date
        Aug 31, 2014
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    • 90% Knitting - Episode 132

      I finished the Potato Chip Scarf, worked on the Velma socks and the One Row Lace Scarf, and I have yarn dyed and a pattern picked for my Not a Rhinebeck Sweater. You've got a little over a week to post pictures of your August Head to Toe KAL FOs (neck/upper back). Are you going to any fall fiber festivals or yarn events? Chime in on that thread in the 90% Knitting Rav group and let us know! In shop news, Six Stripes Sock Club sign ups have closed. Stay tuned to hear if you got in or not. I'm g...

      • Release date
        Aug 22, 2014
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