The North Face Donates 50K to Conservation Alliance Fund; Novozymes Improves Biofuel Production - CSR Minute for February 28, 2012

The North Face has committed 50,000 to the Conservation Alliance Legacy Fund. The donation, to be made over three years, brings the Legacy Fund Campaign to an end as the Conservation Alliance reaches its goal of building a .5 million endowment; earnings from the Fund will cover operating expenses for the organization. The North Face had previously contributed million to the fund in 2008 to start the campaign

Novozymes has announced a new enzyme that cuts costs and increases yields in producing biofuels from agricultural waste. The new product, Novozymes Cellic CTec3, enables cost-efficient conversion of biomass to ethanol. Biofuel producers need only one-fifth of the new enzyme dose compared to previous products, as takes only 50 kilograms of Cellic CTed3 to make one ton of ethanol from biomass.

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