Hot New Rap - Recyclebank & Greenopolis Unity!

Word! Check out Melissa's hot new rap about Recyclebank & Greenopolis coming together!
She breaks it down for Kevin Mabley of Recyclebank - should she quit reporting on recycling subjects and switch to a rap career instead? ;-)

Watch the video >>>>>

My name is Kevin, I'm from the East Coast. I have an announcement but I don't want to boast.
1 + 1 is 3, the hottest recycling community. Recyclebank and Greenopolis are now unity.

In all seriousness though, it's true - the two organizations are celebrating! It's been a long road and Recyclebank and Greenopolis are completely ecstatic about the merger announcement. Everyone around here is completely happy about it. Kevin says he can only imagine what the future will hold for them.

What can the users look forward to? Everything they got and more. Recyclebank basically have an interesting platform which they're integrating with an existing platform. All the great stuff that users got before and everything else that Recycle Bank is going to bring to you.

Recycle Bank and Greenopolis are now unity!


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