Hackers On Planet Earth (1994): Linux

August 13, 1994, 2:30 pm: Linux is the Freely Distributable Unix clone available by ftp from many sites on the Internet. It is a remarkably complete and stable OS for Intel-based PC's that is a direct result of the existence of the Internet, which allowed for the cooperative development team of volunteers to communicate in real-time during their development of their respective parts of the project. Linux continues to enjoy rapid development and is a viable and popular alternative to commercial Unix OS's. It's being installed in basements and at commercial, academic, and governmental organizations around the world. Michael Johnston, developer of the new Slackware Professional Linux package (in partnership with Patrick Volkerding, author of the Slackware distributions of Linux on the net), and Bob Young will speak on the differences between the different Linux distributions available "for free" by ftp on the Internet, and in particular the changes in Slackware (the most popular Linux distribution on the net) between versions 1.2 and new 2.0.

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